Welcome to our new website!

Change is good, right?

Every blue moon, I like to get a mini makeover. You know, to change things up a bit. Truth be known, I’m a bit of a minimalist, so even a fresh lop of the locks or a killer pair of new strappy sandals (complete with pedicure, of course) has a way of perking me right up.

Well, our original website needed a lift, too. But not just to pretty it up. We needed a pretty big overhaul. And for good reason…

We’ve grown!

What began in 2013 with just three skincare products, has grown into a complete nature-based skincare line for women. And we remembered our male counterparts—especially those who’ve been purchasing our skincare line for their ladies. We listened to their needs and created a men’s skincare trio for our lovely gents.

And just as the Rutz skincare line was conceived based on a need (my own desire for both natural ingredients AND effective results) I had another need. I wanted an everyday household cleaner I could use on my counters and then make grab n’ go sandwiches for my kids—without a plate. Yep, sometimes, life is just that rushed!

Ever think about all the food and body parts that touch those kitchen and bath surfaces? Well, I sure did. (And I sure as heck don’t want bleach or petroleum-based residue anywhere near my kids’ bottoms OR their sandwiches!) So I created a simple and effective, 100% natural, multi-surface cleaner and started experimenting with essential oils for scents. Long story short, Herbaceous Scentz Multi-Tasking Surface Cleaner was born—with several (consumer-tested) herbal scents designed to bring aromatherapy to your living spaces! I swear, you’ll be looking for things to clean—like the microwave and floors—just because! Our cleaner is just the first to come in our new Home Collection.

With the addition of our Home Collection, we’ve broadened our scope of plant-based products. Our team of awesome designers and developers have worked hard to make it easy for you to learn, shop and enjoy more and more Mama Nature-based products for your skin, your home and your life!

So, welcome to the new!

We have more ideas under development. But really, this site is about YOU—and what you want. So drop us a line! Tell us what needle you’ve been looking for in the mainstream haystack of household products. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you goodness in life, always!


Steph Schuler

Founder + Creative Force