Oh, Those Dog Days of Summer!

A dog can’t think that much about what she’s doing, she just does what feels right. ~ Barbara Kingsolver

You ready for the heat to back off a bit? As you can see, Riley, our Director of Snacks & Naps, is too! While the phrase “dog days of summer” implies that it’s time to lie around and slurp popsicles, we really don’t have that luxury, right? We’re too occupied “working like a dog,” gulping Starbucks Lattes (Venti, please!) and getting organized for all things FALL. New clothes for the kids. New activities and schedules to juggle. Pinning what we’re pining for. And so on…

Ever wish you could just stop time (and the ding on your devices) for just a few days, so you can catch your breath and tackle those “to-do” items that never manage to get checked off? Yeah, this hot, steamy summer has been like that—for us, too. In fact, we’ve got so many things shakin’ at Rutz (all good things) that we’ve kind skipped over the “blog days of summer.” Yup, we’ve been AWAL here in blog land since the launch of our new site,, in July. But that’s about to change.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • We’ve got a new blog writer, Deb Warren. Deb is not new to Rutz, she’s been one of my behind-the-scenes gal pals since Day 1. She’s not new to skincare either. She has a blogging background as a former writer for a Pittsburgh medical spa ( Deb will be informing you about all things SKIN. Look for her new Rutz blogs soon!
  • How to Videos! Not sure how to apply some of your products? Want to see beauty tips in action? Want to view how sun damage really happens? Look for Rutz videos in coming months!
  • There are exciting new products under development, like an antioxidant tea scrub, a lip exfoliator, a body serum that leaves you all aglow, holiday gift bundles—and more.
  • Want to be a Rutz product tester? We could use your feedback on the new products we’d like to ad to the Rutz line-up. Just message us when you place your next order and we’ll throw in a couple of new goodies to try!
  • We’re on TV—AGAIN at EvineLive, a home shopping network.

FOR A GREAT DEAL, WATCH EVINE LIVE—Friday, September 2nd at 7 pm (EST)

Yep, yours truly will be conducting a product demonstration on EVINE’s home shopping show.

Two of Rutz’ best sellers, Glow Ahead an anti-wrinkle serum containing 1% Retinol, and Freeze Frame, an intensive night-time skin resurfacer containing 10% Glycolic Acid, will be showcased in my live presentation. These mindfully made products contain natural, botanical—yet effective—ingredients and are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

The show can be streamed via mobile device here:

That’s all for now! Stay cool!

Best! XOXO