Why Are Rutz Products Reiki-Infused?

Well, the short answer is because REIKI RULES! But of course, there’s more to the story than simply my demonstrative love for this healing art called, “Reiki.”

In January, we attended the Indie Beauty Expo in LA. And wow! I am still pinching myself!! The interest level that Rutz received was incredible beyond words—especially with Reiki as our unique product ingredient. Many Indie show-goers wanted to know more about what Reiki energy is and how it works.

So, here’s a ‘lil info to help you understand how and why Reiki (pronounced RAY KEY) is such a big part of the Rutz brand.

First off, even before I started Rutz, I became a Reiki Master—the highest level of Reiki practitioner. I’ve been doing Reiki energy work on family, friends and clients with wonderful results.

So, what exactly is Reiki?

Well, if one’s “energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, right? Right! And you’d probably also agree that if our energy level is high, then we’re are more likely to be healthy and happy. True again.

While the body naturally wants to heal itself, sometimes it needs a little energy boost. That’s where Reiki comes in.

Simply put, Reiki is a form of energy work used to facilitate the healing process.

This non-religious modality has been used in many Eastern cultures for over 2,500 years. Becoming more mainstream in the West, Reiki is now practiced in hundreds of U.S. hospitals as part of integrative patient services. Completely safe, Reiki energy is received through a trained practitioner who directs it to the patient through a series of gentle, yet powerful, hand placements to help ease tension, stress and pain. Chakras and major systems of the body utilize this concentrated life-force energy to augment the body’s innate healing powers.

Highly relaxing, Reiki can help with a variety of ailments:

  • Facilitates recovery from operations and injuries
  • Promotes a general sense of well-being
  • Improves the immune system
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Brings relief from chronic pain
  • Helps relieve headaches and allergies
  • Help regulates blood pressure
  • Eases hormonal disorders
  • Therapeutic for muscular tension
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation
  • Helps with emotional problems

Why Are Rutz Products Reiki Infused?

As you might imagine, there’s a backstory to our Reiki-infused products.

I guess I’ve always been something of a healer, even since childhood. And while I never really thought of myself as a “medicine woman” (lol), I am in fact, 37% Native American, through my mom’s side. While other mothers and daughters made brownies and cookies together, my mom and I made lotions and potions. It was so much fun! We loved concocting natural ways to soothe our skin woes with the perfect blend of ingredients—and those yummy essential oils that just smelled so darned delicious! Such great memories, just me and Mom!

As I grew up, I was always drawn to my own form of meditation. Amazing things happen when you get really quiet and just “listen.” After years in the beauty biz, it was during one of those still and quiet moments that I just “knew it!” I saw it my life’s dream in an instant! In my mind’s eye Rutz was born.

It was time to combine my life’s two biggest passions: skincare and energy work. I had already been practicing Reiki, kinda on the “QT,” (for fear of what my more mainstream friends might think of me.) I needed to put my fears aside and just go for it!

So, I began Rutz, with Reiki by my side—and in each and every product. After filling and labeling each batch of any given product, I simply go to my quiet place and summon up all that Reiki goodness while setting a loving intention of the highest good. I then direct Reiki energy into the products to help boost their healing properties.

We now have other Reiki practitioners on staff. Together, we lovingly infuse Reiki energy into each of our products with the additional intention of giving our customers a very positive “feel good” vibe and renewed zest for life.


Natural: A loving energy ingredient—no tools/equipment needed
Relaxing: Used for stress-reduction to help clear the mind
Energizing: Uplifting energy that can be felt but not seen
Trending: Offered major hospitals in the U.S. & world-wide
For Everyone: Not just sick people


Religious: Not affiliated with any particular religion
Quackery: It has been accepted in Western Medicine as therapeutic
Harmful: Reiki can only produce positive results
We certainly hope you love, love, love our products and all the natural and Reiki goodness that goes into them!

Peace, love + Reiki juju!

P.S. Feel free to check out my Reiki site here!

Rutz Founder + Creative Force