Rutz Naturals Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is arguable the hardest day of the year for 95% of the population. What do you buy the woman in your life that deserves it all? How do you possibly show how thankful you are for your mother or the mother of your children? You buy her Rutz...

Since not all of us are making eight figures and able to buy our mother the private island she deserves, we've broken down some of our favorite "Mom products" by price. Just trying to make this as painless as buying presents for another person can be!

1. Balling on a Budget

  • Bath Buddies - Bath Shots: $6
    • Five varieties (sold separately) each blended with essential oils designed to relax and restore mind and body alike while enhancing therapeutic benefits.
    • Perfect for Mom's most coveted "me time"
  • Peppermint + Lavender Cleaner: $10
    • Cleaner that smells (and works) so well, Mom will forget she is cleaning.
    • Comes in other scents!
  • Lemongrass Room Spritz: $18
    • A natural fregrance to make the house smell like Summer is upon us!
    • Also comes in more scents.

2. ...But She's Worth It

  • Body Nectar: $20
      • A healing blend of botanicals, antioxidants, linoleic acids and vitamins fight signs of aging, sun damage, reduces appearance of stretch marks and at the same time, increases skin’s collagen.
      • The scent will make mom feel like she is on an island and has escaped the madness that awaits when she steps out of the shower.
    • Just Stick It!: $26
      • The roll on moisture stick that cuts down on application time, perfect for the on the go mom.
      • It also doubles as a makeup remover, if Mom loves makeup... she needs this!
    • Smooth Talker: $29
      • Our Zen Blend moisturizer will have Mom calm and relaxed morning, noon and night.
      • It's also PACKED with antioxidants to fight free-radicals as it moisturizes.

    3. Who Looks At Price Tags?

    • Candles: $39
      • Nine scents to choose from, all destined to be Mom's new favorite.
      • Our candles are made from a coconut oil base, so you're able to use them as massage oil after its melted.... ohhh lala. bonus: 100% natural
    • Potent-C: $52
      • A fan favorite for fading dark spots and wrinkles.
      • If Mom loves skincare and takes pride in looking flawless, this is magic in a bottle for the skin and the spirit.
    • 6 Piece Skin Set: $198
      • Includes: Just Breathe Facial Wash, In Your Face toning elixir, Physical Attraction Hydrating serum, Glow Ahead Anti-Aging serum,  Lighten Up moisturizer and Freeze Frame Nighttime Resurfacer.
      • You're essentially getting Mom a new skincare routine, she's going to fall out of her seat for... which was always the end goal, right?!


    Buying for Mom doesn't have to be so hard... and like we said before, we're here to help. Use the code MOMSDAY for $20 off of your order of $100 or more! Gift ideas, good energy for mom and savings for you, what more could you want?!