About Us

Brand Essence

“Goodness” is literally at our roots. That goodness extends far beyond the nature-based ingredients we carefully select for our products. Our brand is injected with creativity and life energy.

  • We lovingly infuse Reiki energy into each of our products with the intention of giving our customers a very positive “feel good” vibe and renewed zest for life.
  • We believe in the power of being authentic, good-hearted and good-natured in all at we do at Rutz. We treat others the way we want to be treated—with respect, honesty and a big dose of light-hearted fun.
  • We’ve sprinkled our brand with unexpected tidbits of wit, as reflected in our packaging, marketing materials and online presence.

Who We Are

organic, natural, innovative, genuine, balanced, energetic, positive, realistic, good-hearted and natured, trailblazers, purple cows, pure, Reiki believers, do-ers, refreshing, honest, humble, open confident, authentic, tolerant, in-tune, witty, creative, compassionate, integrity-filled, zest-for- lifers, rooted in goodness

Who We’re Not

toxic, harmful, pessimistic, mean, greedy, careless, self-centered, status quo, thoughtless, conservative, callous, fearful, ordinary, ego-driven, stereotypical, depleting, bland, harsh, judgmental, stagnant, boring, resting on laurels, brash, lazy, box dwellers, too serious

Our Team


Steph Schuler | Founder & Creative Force

Kelly Rohrich

Kelly Rohrich | Special Events & Charity

Jackie Valley

Jackie Valley | Director of Sales

Juli DeBacco

Juli DeBacco | Zookeeper aka Operations Manager

Deb Warren

Deb Warren | Director of Communications


Doria Christie | Director of Product Research/Training

James Frantz

James Frantz | Shipping Guru

Jenn Churches

Jennifer Churches | Photographer


Riley | Director of Snacks & Naps